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Starting school is an extremely important step for both your child and you. Our goal at Grafton Public School is to ensure that your child feels happy, safe and stimulated from their very first day. To achieve this goal, we implement a successful transition program that also includes comprehensive information about the school and ways to prepare your child.



Successful transition from preschool into Kindergarten is a vital element of a child’s overall development. A smooth transition from preschool to Kindergarten lays the foundation for positive learning experiences enriched by eagerness to learn in a friendly, safe and stimulating environment. Also includes preparation for the following year.


Outcomes for children:

To get children to happily separate from their loved ones

To feel confident about coming to big school

To be aware and become familiar with school environment and some of the routines

Meet and interact with other children and build relationships with new teachers

To develop a positive attitude towards school


Outcomes for Parents:

To communicate with and meet the teachers

To feel welcomed into the school

To create an awareness of your importance in the role in your child’s learning

Receive relevant information on school programs and routines that will support their child’s education

To meet other parents

To be less anxious about transition


Outcomes for Teachers:

To build a rapport the children

Identify any children with specific and special needs

To make contact with the families and increase parental involvement

By providing a safe and secure environment the children are eager to start school so we have a limited settling in period


Our transition program acknowledges that:

Children enter school at their own particular level of attainment

All children learn differently and at their own pace

Children learn best when they are engaged and active

Activities are meaningful and enjoyable for the child


Kindergarten Enrolment form for 2020

Info and Session Times for Kinders Starting in 2020



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