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For current notes and more information, including a dance information booklet, please click  here

Grafton Public School has made a commitment to a dance program. As well as being an enjoyable activity, dance enhances thinking, coordination, physical fitness and perception skills, which lead to increased success across all curriculum areas.

Whilst the GPS Dance Ensemble performs on a regular basis, the emphasis at Grafton Public is education. Being a part of a dance program develops self-discipline, teamwork and commitment. Grafton Public is pleased to be able to offer this program to its students. Students will be able to learn dance routines and execute these into performance.

In 2014, GPS Dance Ensembles were a part of many local, inter-regional and state level performances, including:

- GPS assembly

- GPS Gala Evening

- CoS Gala Night

- Grafton Eisteddfod

- Snr Citizens in the Park

- Northern Network Regional Dance Festival (Coffs Harbour)

- GPS Creative Arts Sydney Tour

- Schools Spectacular



The Aboriginal Dance group were particularly busy dancing, by special invitation, as ‘Us Mob’ at many regional events. These included; Relay for Life, Surfing the Coldstream, World No Tobacco Day, Jacaranda Festival, Juvenile Justice Conference; Pre-schools.



In 2015, Grafton Public School offers students the opportunity to be involved in Dance, for cultural, fitness, fun and performance experience. This is through the Aboriginal Dance Ensemble (Yr 4-6 performance group), Snr Dance Ensemble (Yr 5/6 performance group), Jnr Dance Ensemble (Yr 3/4 performance group) and 3-6 Dance Group (our newest non-performance group).

There are more than 100 students participating in the above four dance groups, with all groups having an opportunity to show family, friends and the wider community their talents. 2015 will see many students from GPS striving to work as a team and be a part of a further commitment through dance within their chosen Ensemble.

For Further information please contact Tracy Avery at Grafton Public School, 66421000



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